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Dark Times Sash - Small | Ceinture fléchée Dark Times - Petit

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This sash was hand-made on a loom and made with alpaca wool. The design's origins can be traced back to 1885. This sash is a Metis version of the L'Assomption sash with a black border replacing the more traditional red. This was done to represent the period from between 1870 and 1885 when the Metis were considered traitors by the political power of the time and had to hide their identity.[lang2]Cette ceinture fléchée est faite à la main sur un metier utilisant la laine. Cette ceinture fléchée est un representation du periode de 1870 à 1885 quand le métis étés traité de traitres et ils devaient se cacher pour plus que 100 ans pour survivre.
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