The Impossibility of Silver

The Impossibility of Silver

What am I doing on a cold Thursday afternoon?  I am sipping hot tea and pouring over my camera manual, of course!

Since creating our original website in 2015, I have learned SO much about the art of taking good product photos. I had no idea that taking proper images of silver jewelry can be so complicated that entire classes are taught on that subject alone!

Modern digital cameras have problems properly adjusting light levels when taking photographs of silver jewelry - generally defaulting to settings designed to photograph flat white objects. This results in awkward, ugly, sometimes blurry photographs that barely resemble the original items. Stunning silver jewelry on a rich black velvet background can become a fuzzy white spot on a grey dusty background when the camera settings are wrong.

After some study (and some light shopping) I have come back to the project with renewed enthusiasm. I have a light box, a tiny tripod, a 'grey card' background and a very stubborn attitude. Expect to see a steady stream of bright, beautiful photographs of our selection of silver jewelry very soon!

Now... where did I put that manual?

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