Sterling/Copper Bangle Twist | Torsion de sterling bracelet cuivre

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Boreal Workshop is a Manitoba family business. Owner Tanis Thomas, is a member of Ochekwi-Sipi Cree Nation (Fisher River), with Cree & Metis ancestors from the Interlake and Grand Beach regions of Manitoba. The head jeweller and lapidary/gemologist is Canadian, of English and French ancestry, with roots in Winnipeg, and the Manigatogan/Long Lake area of Manitoba. The metalwork they produce is completely handmade, typically in copper, silver, and gold. Where possible we use local sources and distributors, and consider sustainability and the environment.[lang2]Atelier de la forêt boréale est une entreprise familiale. Le travail des métaux qu'ils produisent est entièrement fait main, gènèralement en or, argent et cuivre.